The 3rd International UNESCO-Conference on Geoparks
The Osnabrueck market place

For the first time, the International Conference on Geoparks will be held in the heart of a Global Geopark in 2008.

The venue:
Osnabrueck, capital of the Global Geopark TERRA.vita.

The topic:

The TERRA.vita landscape

The goal:
To create appropriate methods to raise the awareness of the geological heritage of our planet - far beyond the Geopark‘s borders.

The Earth is a huge, dynamic system. We are part of this system and while admittedly we are a small part, we have the potential to destabilize it. The history of the Earth shows, that our planet is in a state of continuous change, it´s rocks tell us about post environments, fossils tell us about the changes of ecosystems.

DBU – Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
How best to communicate the fascination of these topics to a wider public?
How to integrate them in tourism offers?
Can they enhance regional development?
What is the task of the Global Geoparks in this process?

In numerous lectures and workshops, strategies will be developed, answers found and solutions introduced. Excursions to the highlights of the Geopark TERRA.vita and other Geoparks will be offered afterwards. A wideranged supporting programme with the 1st International Geoparks Fair, school projects and public lecture courses will make sure that the conference reaches a wider public.
Geoparks 2008
The Osnabrueck convention hall
Who should attend?
Senior officials from local authorities, national and international government, professional geo-scientists and practitioners in the fields of tourism, education and cultural heritage associations will find items of interest in the conference programme.
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