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Every one of you has applied for the 3rd International Conference on Geoparks in order to improve your work in the Geoparks all over the world.
Flying CO2 neutral
Flying CO2 neutral

Ideas on various topics will be exchanged and you will return to your Geopark with the strong ambition to make the park even more attractive to the public by implementing the knowledge acquired in Osnabrück.

However, our environment is the basis for every single Geopark on the planet and by travelling to the conference, every participant produces an amount of greenhouse gases, which, as we all know, have tremendous effects on our climate.

The Naturpark TERRA.vita gives you the opportunity to save a large amount of the greenhouse gases your flight produces, although, needless to say, your flight cannot be undone this way. Nevertheless, you can make your contribution to the global aim to save our climate.

In order to find out how much money you have to spend, just look at the map and check up in which zone (1-4) your home-country is located. We tried to make this system as simple as possible so there are only four different zones. Anyway, the amount of money you pay to make your flight “CO2-neutral” is quiet realistic.

After the conference, the money raised from the participants will benefit a forestation project between in the area of Bramsche in the Naturpark TERRA.vita.

Domestic bank transfer:
Naturpark TERRA.vita
Sparkasse Osnabrueck
Kto: 1503014373
BLZ: 26550105

Foreign bank transfer:
IBAN: DE67265501051503014373

Flying CO2 neutral

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