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One thing is for sure: As far as nature is concerned the district of Gütersloh is at the top. 70 per cent of the surfaces are marked as a nature reserve with two national parks and 39 protected areas amounting to 34 square kilometres.
Rathaus Rietberg
Rathaus Rietberg

There are the attractive parklands along the river Ems, the heath area around Senne, the range of hills that form the Teutoburger Wald – all in all a variety of nature. You can enjoy the panoramic surroundings climbing up the 316 metre high Hengeberg “mountain”, the romantic castle ruins Ravensberg or the 21 metre high Luisenturm, a tower in Borgholzhausen; the two latter ones situated on the peaks of the Teutoburger Wald.

You will as well find a cycle network of around 1,000 kilometres and numerous theme routes like the Wellness Route or the route of National Horticultural Shows (parklands and botanical gardens established for the special purpose of the show but maintained for the future).

The district of Gütersloh not only provides endless cycle paths but also ideal trails for hikers. The 156 kilometre long Hermannsweg following the mountain ridge of the Teutoburger Wald counts among the most beautiful low mountain range trails in Germany. 216 kilometres is the Eichenweg (oak path) that leads past Westphalian halftimbered farms and all 13 towns and municipalities of the district of Gütersloh.

Beside the natural facts the disctrict of Gütersloh ranges at a high cultural level.
The museum of the early works of important artists in Halle (Westphalia) shows the pieces of art of Felixmüller, Paul and Felix Klee, Macke, Kirchner and Picasso.

A variety of restored and richly decorated half-timbered houses, twisting alleys and historic town centres can be seen in Rheda-Wiedenbrück and Rietberg. Also famous throughout the country ist the Hollywood Safaripark in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, a theme park of 70 hectares of surface. The leisure pools in Gütersloh, „Die Welle“, with sauna, water sliede and wave pool attract many visitors throughout the year.

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