Conveniently placed as regards transport facilities
Osnabrück is situated centrally at a reasonable distance from the Ruhr district and can be reached via the A1 Motorway - the Hansalinie - from the Hanseatic Cities in Northern Germany. The quickest way from the Netherlands and Hanover is via the A 30 Motorway. Coming from the direction of Bielefeld, you reach the city via the A 33 Motorway.

There are also excellent direct railway connections from these regions to Osnabrück. Air passengers coming from the Airport Münster/Osnabrück should take the A1 motorway at the motorway access Ladbergen.

The exemplary car park guidance system in Osnabrück shows you the direct way to all vacant parking spaces in the city. However, the easiest way to travel from the airport is taking the eXpress line 150 which connects the city to the airport and runs up to 19 times a day.

"Man sieht sich", say the people in Osnabrück as they look forward to welcoming their guests. We wish you a pleasant journey and an interesting stay.
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