The Region Osnabrücker Land
The Region Osnabrücker Land is a treasure trove for explorers within a charmingly scenic region.The striking hill-tops of the Teutoburger Forest and the Wiehen Mountains shape the natural landscape with wide lowlands and original farmlands, and above all it is natural and restful. The gentle hills, extensive forests and meadows full of colorful flowers form one of the largest nature parks in Germany, with innumerable trails and bicycle routes running through it.

Here you can relax in peace – or get lots of exercise. Biking, hiking, water sports on the lakes Alfsee, Kronensee and Dümmer See. Bad Rothenfelde, Bad Essen, Bad Iburg and Bad Laer are worth getting out of the city for. These spas have achieved a healthy balancing act between historic splendor and the current physical fitness craze.

Even without a visit to the traditional spas themselves, it is worth a visit for its magnificent scenery, full of treasures of historical sites and a diverse range of recreational activities. This region in the middle of Europe is gaining more and more in significance as an economic area. Renowned companies have set up here or plan to in the near future. Steel from Georgsmarienhütte, Deli reform margarine and Homann delicacies from Dissen, agricultural machinery of the Amazone plants from Hasbergen, Rasch wallpaper from Bramsche and also Fuchs spices from Dissen are well known.

Osnabrück’s countryside has plenty of destinations for outings: castles and monasteries, farms in Artland, wind and water mills and 4,000-year-old stone graves.The bifurcation, a "river specialty" is one of only two in the world, and the dinosaur traces, the museums on the Varus Battle, textiles and automobile history tell about eventful times. The traces of the past reach into the present.
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