City of Osnabrück
City of Osnabrück
In the old bishop and young university city, peace is a tradition. In the years 1643-1648, the negotiations towards the Peace of Westphalia took place, and this ended the Thirty Years War. Today, the City of Peace refers to this important date in European history and expresses its defense of peace, tolerance and international understanding in many ways: in hobby-horse riding on the day of the peace agreement, in talks on peace with national and international guests, in being the seat of the German Foundation for Peace Research and last but not least in the application for the Peace Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010.The writer Erich Maria Remarque and the condemned painter Felix Nussbaum, both born in Osnabrück, represent an additional obligation to especially dedicate oneself to peace as a duty.

Osnabrück was a member of the Hansa and the Westphalian Towns League. Even today many goods and services "Made in Osnabrück" are evidence of the high commercial activity: the automobile and convertible production at Karmann, the specialty papers from Schoeller, blanks for the Euro made by KM Europa Metall, chocolates from Leysieffer or ice cream specialties (mini-ice cream cones) from Roncadin.

The scenic location makes the city with its historical setting a green place to live. It is the seat of the environmental foundation Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt and venue for the national horticulture show in 2015. Many sights can be discovered. The famous city hall of the Peace of Westphalia and Osnabrück’s historic heart, the Old Town with the half-timbered gables and alleys.Or the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, the cathedral, St. Mary’s Church or the museums for industrial, natural and cultural history.

And last but not least, the city is a wonderful place to stroll and shop: in the pedestrian zones, in the Heger Tor quarter and in the new Kamp Promenade with its high-quality shops and selection.
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